Introducing AiPortal, the enterprise-ready senior home management system that helps your staff members provide the maximum care to your senior residents. Direct integration with our Rockband and Rockbox hardware, AiPortal provides unprecedented flexibility and accuracy to notify your staff when a fall happens or an SOS alert has been triggered. In addition, the individual reporting for each senior residents or aggregate data view can provide you with powerful tools to provide value-add services and give the family members an extra peace of mind via 24/7 data collection and detection.

  • Resident Location Tracking – Real-Time Facility Status shows each resident location and movements throughout the facility.
  • Customizable Floor Map – Allows administrators to upload and customize floor maps, define rooms and stations for each floor map.
  • Device Management – Supports the inventory management, deployment management and status reporting of all devices.
  • Reporting – Customizable reports for individuals from data collected continuously and naturally.
  • Real-time Alerts – Alerts from events like SOS, fall detection, high impact, leaving, exit proximity, perimeter.
  • Enterprise Level Facility Management – Supports multiple venues, multiple buildings for an enterprise.
  • User Management – Supports administration, authentication and authorization of different user types.