Employing the power of data to predict
human behavior and augment health outcomes

We make precision care
more accessible

AiCare’s Active Intelligence Platform transfers data with the highest integrity
from any wearable sensor and uses AI algorithms to predict clinical outcomes,
leading to actionable responses.

Our Process

Our technology begins with the collection of real time physical activity and biometric data

Physical activity is one of the major determinants for overall clinical outcome in chronic diseases–the continuous stream of individual patient data serves as the foundation of our personalized approach

Seamless and inexpensive deployment of the data allows us to monitor patient health levels 24/7

Real-time updates of the patient’s baseline data ensures personalized analysis and prediction, while our approach keeps the cost minimal

Hybrid machine learning and generative AI models predict physical responses on an individual basis

Our Active Intelligence Platform uses generative AI models (GANs, VAEs) to learn the underlying patterns in the dynamic measurements collected by the smart wearables and generate new data with similar characteristics

Individualized clinical predictions to augment patient health outcomes

Our simple, smart, and readily accessible remote care predicts worsening clinical condition, enabling early intervention and prevention


Real-time data for early intervention

Intelligent care for patients result in lower readmission rates and more efficient patient discharging


Digital biomarkers for prediction

AiCare’s Platform allows for optimal clinical trial design by reducing sample size and duration requirements

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