Our Process

Data Collection  >  Data Organization  >  Prediction  >  Action

Our Minimalist Approach to Data Analysis

AiCare’s data collection technology utilizes a simple, seamless monitoring system via wearable devices people already use and love

We program a patient’s smart wearable to collect biometric data at multiple, clinically meaningful intervals. We also constantly update the individual baseline with 24-hour delay period to build personalized, non-risk baseline and alert when any deviation occurs to indicate worsening health condition.

A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Optimal Protocol makes remote patient monitoring and home care possible.

  • Longitudinal follow-up
  • Low power consumption
  • High data sampling frequency at 50Hz
  • Data transmission to the patient’s smartphone every 5 minutes via BLE
  • Multiple connectivity to AiCare backend cloud server via WiFi or cellular network
  • Simple binary classifier of good vs. poor health
  • Prediction of relevant clinical condition beyond mere biometric data

Our technology is readily available on two major mobile platforms: Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store

AiCare's Privacy Commitment

AiCare is dedicated to maintaining the utmost patient privacy and commit to the complete anonymization of all patient data. Our internally specified identification system works via a Bluetooth Media Access Control (MAC) and we are SOC2 Type II certified and fully HIPAA compliant

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