Machine Learning & Generative AI

Active Intelligence Platform

AiCare’s Active Intelligence Platform uses hybrid AI models, consisting of machine learning (ML) and generative AI, to analyze and augment the dynamic physical activity and biometric data collected from a smart wearable. This technology offers simple, smart, and readily accessible remote care through prediction of worsening clinical condition, enabling early intervention and prevention.

The accuracy and reliability of our Platform was validated in a clinical trial, ACTivity Assessment of Patients Discharged from Hospital (ACT-I) through comprehensive ML physical activity profile of the users. ACT-I demonstrated high precision in predicting and guiding the discharged patients for timely intervention during the 4-week follow-up period.

Our Active Intelligence Platform captures continuous data stream of Physical Activity (PA) and biometric data captured by a smart wearable. Our Platform integrates the quantitative data with our advanced hybrid AI algorithm dedicated to clinical analysis. The PA is measured by the number of occurrences of the multiples of g-force (x, y, z) each second. We program a patient’s smart wearable to collect biometric data at multiple, clinically meaningful intervals. We also constantly update the individual baseline with 24-hour delay period to build personalized, non-risk baseline and alert when any deviation occurs to indicate worsening health condition. Our Platform is dedicated to detect the vital changes in human behavior as precursors of the clinical deterioration. This novel and comprehensive feature advances the future of medical care and biomedical innovation by enabling reliable and remote management of out-patients, home care, and clinical trials.